Company Profile

SUNEL Group consists of highly-experienced and specialized teams of engineers, project managers, site managers, electricians and technicians.

With our knowledge and our strong strategic partnerships, we provide and materialise customized solutons according to the investors technical and economical needs.

As a solar EPC contractor SUNEL Group has completed more than 300 projects in 7 countries.

Photovoltaic projects are long term investments and need contnuous cooperaton.

In SUNEL Group we believe that trust, honesty and transparency are the foundation for a long-term cooperaton. By consulting and supporting our customers and maintaining their projects we ensure the maximum beneft of each investment.

human resources

Human Resources

Our company is supported by highly experienced specialized engineers, with solid experience and wide knowledge.

For the installation phase our company is collaborating with experienced technical sub-contractors who are certified for any kind of technical application.

iso 9001 2008


SUNEL is certified with the standart ISO 9001:2008, for the design, sale, marketing, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and construction of power plants. This way we can ensure and provide high quality and certified services to our customers.

our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Whether a project is a simple installation of 5,00 kWp or a big investment of several MWp, the company's philosophy is the same. Providing high quality services customized according to the customer's needs:

  • Respect for the client

Every client is different. So every project is different. Each solution is customized according to the needs and personality of the client. So a more adventurous customer may select a solution with potential higher risk but higher returns, and a conservative customer can choose the solution with the smallest possible risk.

  • Building trustworthy relationships with our customers

Photovoltaic projects are not a short term investment. We have a continious cooperation with the customer, supporting and maintaining their projects for 20 to 25 years. That is why a long-term cooperation requires trust and honesty.

  • Consulting

To obtain the maximum benefit and find the best solutions for each customer, SUNEL first tries to understand the needs and requirements, in order to advise accoridingly.

  • Staff

SUNEL has a team of engineers with significant experience and broad scientific background.